Hakaden Ultimate Email Extractor

How to Use Hakaden Ultimate Email Extractor

Input Your Data

  1. Paste your text: Begin by pasting the text containing emails into the designated text area provided on the tool's interface. This could include text from documents, web pages, or any other source where emails need to be extracted.

Choose Your Settings

  1. Select sorting and filtering options:

    • Sorting: Decide how you want the emails to be sortedby domain, username, or using custom criteria that suit your specific needs.

    • Filtering: Optionally, filter emails by specific domains to extract only relevant data. This helps in narrowing down the results to meet your requirements effectively.

  2. Choose your preferred separator:
    • Tailor the formatting of the extracted emails by selecting from various separator options such as new line, semicolon, colon, or pipe. This customization ensures the output format aligns with your intended use.

Extract Emails

  1. Click the "Extract Emails" button: Initiate the extraction process by clicking on the designated button. The tool will start parsing through the input text to identify and extract all valid email addresses.

  2. View real-time results in the preview area: As the extraction progresses, Hakaden Ultimate Email Extractor provides a real-time preview of the extracted and sorted emails. This allows you to monitor the process and make adjustments if necessary.

Export or Copy Results

  1. Use the export buttons to save results:

    • Export to CSV, TXT, or XML: Once the extraction is complete, utilize the export buttons to save the extracted emails in your preferred format. This feature facilitates seamless integration with other tools or systems.

  2. Use the copy button to quickly transfer emails:

    • Copy to Clipboard: For immediate use or sharing, use the copy button to transfer the extracted emails directly to your clipboard. Customize the separator to match the formatting requirements of your destination application or document.


Hakaden Ultimate Email Extractor simplifies the process of extracting, sorting, and managing email data from various text sources.

By following these straightforward steps, users can efficiently extract targeted email lists, gain valuable insights through real-time previews, and seamlessly integrate the extracted data into their workflows.

Experience enhanced productivity and accuracy in email data management with Hakaden Ultimate Email Extractor.